Enjoy Veneno at the Houston Rodeo!
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Veneno Hibiscus Margarita + Chipotle Twist

Veneno Hibiscus Margarita + Chipotle Twist. This tart, sweet and pink drink is a delicious twist on the classic Margarita and is sure to impress!


• 60ml Veneno Tequila Blanco

• 30ml Lime Juice

• 10ml Organic Agave Nectar

• Pinch of Worm Up Vegan Hibiscus Chipotle Salt

• 0.25 cup hibiscus tea concentrate


• 10ml Cointreau

• Hibiscus Simple Syrup


Place all ingredients in a Cocktail shaker with ice. Rim glass with worm Up Vegan Hibiscus Chipotle Salt and fill with ice.

Hibiscus water

You can buy dried hibiscus flowers at most Latin grocery stores, and HEN sells them in bags too.

Dried Hibiscus flowers



Add 2 cups of dried hibiscus flower and 2 quarts of water to a boil.

Boil for about 10 minutes

Strain the liquid and toss the flowers.

Pour concentrate into a glass container.

This is the base; take a pitcher and add about ⅓ of concentrate and the rest in water; add sugar or Dave sweetener, and voila!


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