Enjoy Veneno at the Houston Rodeo!
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We're a Sucker for a Good Legend

Well, here's one we love

A group of Houstonians was passionate about Tequila and sought out the highest-quality boutique producer in the highlands of Jalisco, México. Together, these aficionados with the local master distiller created a taste unique to their palates and wanted to share it with Texas. And there the inspiration was created – Veneno.


[vEh-nEH-no] noun

1. The essential element for living a prosperous life.

As legend has it, the people of ancient Mexico cultivated civilizations around a mythical deity known as Quetzalcoatl the “Plumed Serpent” — the god of wind, air, & learning — bridging Earth and sky through myth and magic and offering fortune, health, and wisdom to his believers through enchanting powers.


[ket-zal-co-alt] noun

1. the feathered serpent God of the Aztec and Toltec cultures.

Today, the legend is referred to as Veneno, the poisonous venom of his bite so sought after that people are willing to die in return for its luxurious rewards. We’re pretty sure you don’t have to die for it. But you will want to possess it. Hand-crafted and aged in the heart of Mexico, Single Estate, Veneno Tequila is a small batch, tequila company that has turned into a lifestyle -  develop a drink for today but pick your poison wisely.

The Legend Lives On

"I tried it and no doubt I bought one!! It’s really good and it comes in a nice wooden box!!"

"Great smooth taste."

"One of the best tequilas I have had."