Enjoy Veneno at the Houston Rodeo!
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Ultra Premium Tequilas


Let the drinks come to you, we offer free delivery in Harris County.

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Monday to Saturday 12pm - 9pm

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Personalized Veneno Tequila Bottles create a one-of-a-kind, memorable gift. All orders will be delivered Free of Charge in Harris County.

Not only does the tequila itself provide for a unique, pleasurable drinking experience, but our team can also work with you to engrave a name on a tequila bottle to create a customized gift that will certainly land well with both tequila drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

You can also engrave a logo on a tequila bottle, creating a unique and memorable marketing item.

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"It actually reminds me of vacation in Mexico. Smooth and delicious so you can add lime and less mixer."

"Hints of citrus makes my drinks just right. I like that this is a Texas based Tequila as well."

"I tried it and no doubt I bought one!! It’s really good and it comes in a nice wooden box!!"